Mobile/Virtual Tax & Accounting Service

I offer Mobile/Virtual Online Tax preparation service as well as Accounting Services and have been in the Accounting Field since the 1990's. I prepare Federal & State returns for almost every state in the U.S. and offer much much more for your buck! I offer all the tax services the BIG guys do and much more! Refund Advances, Pre-paid Money Cards (if you don't have a checking or Savings or just do not want your refund deposited to either), Direct Deposit, FREE Quotes, Financial Services along with Payroll Service, Office set-up, Business Management and much more. I also specialize in Small Business and Self-Employed. I'll BEAT others prices AND cater to your specialized needs! Of course, Veterans receive 50% OFF and active Military receive FREE Tax preparation! HELP me, HELP you, HELP yourself and KEEP more $$$ in your pocket ALL year!


Personal and business lending services along with credit repair service coming soon! Shyrell, your $$$ PRO 4 LIFE!


Please feel FREE to contact me today, I'm always working and love helping people! I'll come to you, you can come to me OR we'll work virtually, whichever is best for you!

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Public Speaker

I love going to (especially schools) all types of organizations, of all ages and ethnicities, to speak about our history, Vietnam, the CMOH, my dad, and how important our Veterans, first responders and their families are, and should be, to us all. But above all, we are ALL Americans and should all know/learn the meaning of a true hero. I'm not talking about someone with a mask, cape and special powers.

To me, heroes are the ones who protect OUR country and us every day, which includes ALL areas of service people and ALL types of people and societies within, who protect/serve with their lives, leave their families and loved ones and safety of their homes to PROTECT US ALL. This (my dad) is what a true hero is to me and always has been my entire life, even before my 19 year "young" dad received his Congressional Medal of Honor. Wow, only 19 years old!

I want to teach (and believe it's so very important to the history, people, future of our nation and our children) how very important love, respect, honesty, family, friendship, peer support (not pressure), our country and history is and how ANYONE (no matter how young or old, rich or poor) can accomplish so very much just by living by these charicteristics and be a HERO TOO!

Should you be interested in having me as a speaker for your school, church, company, organization, etc. or know someone who would, please feel free to contact me. I love teaching the Character Development Program developed by the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and will leave you and your school with professional teaching resources and curriculum you will be sure to enjoy along with your students!

My 10 year old Granddaughter, Hanna Garrett, speaking against Bullying

We are so proud of Hanna for choosing to participate with me in speaking against "Bullying" as she's just as passionate against it as our entire family is. This is a very dear subject to our hearts. It is the exact reason my Dad chose to "fight" as he did. He truly just wanted to go to Vietnam to "help" people and STOP the BULLYING against ALL people. Just "BE NICE" to others and try to understand their situation is the way we believe people should act toward others.

Many blessings always & thanks so much for visiting!

Shyrell Copas


25.05.2022 00:10


Wow, this is quite a family legacy! I can't wait to meet you.

15.04.2022 13:25

Greg Espinal

It was great meeting you today and I would love to help anyway I can. I am including my personal email for more direct contact. Thanks again for everything you do to support vets!

23.03.2022 22:07


nice lady to work with, helped me with my taxes and was easy to communicate with great person to work with, thanks for all your help Shyrell. :)

03.02.2019 19:09

Donald Laycock Florida Medal of Honor Memorial

You go girl!! This was written from the heart. I have met and talked with Shyrell and she is one of the most sincere persons I have ever met.

08.06.2016 03:41

Kareana & Craig COLLINS

Very powerful, and heart filling message. Well appreciated woman.

18.06.2016 14:17

Shyrell Copas-Herrera

Thank you both so very much for taking your time to look and comment! Please share and pass along.
God Bless you always:)
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